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Year Review: 2020-2021

In the year 2020-2021 ESDO has made a significant progress towards our Vision and Mission i.e. establishing an equitable society through reducing poverty and hunger for poor and marginalized people. In the reporting year ESDO has been expended both horizontally and vertically by covering more areas and people and integrating a variety of noble interventions and activities. Past year we have achieved considerable success in proactive participation of community people, students, and other relevant actors. At the same time, we observed a paradigm shift in attitude of government, people’s representative, and private sector in reaching out and delivering services to poor and vulnerable people and ethnic minorities. We have made notable achievement in livelihood improvement, food security and nutrition, education, women empowerment, health for child and adolescents, community hygiene, reduction of child labor and rights for ethnic minorities.

Annual Budget (2020-2021): BDT 2,216,101,640.00
Annual Turnover (2019-2020): BDT 26,203,890,448.00
Volunteer Staff: 981
Male: 2,729 (51%) Female 2,666 (49%)
Total Staff: 5,395

Household Graduated from Extreme Poverty:
55744 Household graduated from extreme poverty

Skill Training and Decent Work Intervention:
6042 People (including ...) directly reached through skill training and decent work interventions.

Rohingya Camp in Cox’a Bazar:
10,391 household covered in Cox’s Bazar both Host and Rohingya community in the Rohingya Camp and Surrounding community in Cox’s Bazar.

People in Hard to Reach Area:
144,425 People reached in hard-to-reach like Char, flood prone and extreme prone area regions including Ethnic Minority 32,818 people, aged 5,820 and female 101,097 and male 43,328 with various supports, IGA initiatives and others services.

People Outreach under Legal Rights and Legal Aid Supports:
512,412 people coverage on build up awareness on legal rights. 142.63 hectors land recovered from the grabber and 1.29 hectors land distributed among the 181 families.

Health Care Services:
1,386,309 people touched under the various health services including 131,534 people on reproductive and family planning, awareness on nutrition 758,269 people, students 482,636.

Urban Based Initiatives/Interventions:
1.347209 Million Urban Slum’s peoples received various services including health, WASH, education, hygiene kit materials & awareness etc.

Access to WASH Facilities:
25.044 Million People outreach under WASH facilities including 24.05 million people aware on safely managed sanitation mechanism and WASH facilities. A total 204,897 people on safe drinking water and total BDT 71,287,000 have been mobilized and cumulative disbursed loans among 1558 Household.

Emergency Response in Disaster Prone Areas:
106,315 people directly received emergency supports including food, cash, hygiene kits supports, hand washing point installation, Portable hand washing devices etc.

Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Students in Various Groups/Forum/Learning Centers:
25,286 students from various levels outreached within the COVID situation focusing on continue their studies, social and ethical responsiveness, act as volunteer in this pandemic and also in case of awareness build up on COVID 19 issue among the communities people.

Awareness built up on Gender and violence Against Women and Childs:
28,355 students and youths outreached focusing on awareness build up regarding Gender and violence Women and Childs issue.

Addressing the Climate Change Adaptation:
119,017 peoples covered under the climate change adaptation mechanism especially focusing on backend, deprived, char area, ethnic minority and ultra poor communities.

Ethnic Minority and Dalit’s Coverage:
140,389 Ethnic minority and Dalit’s people outreached through different initiatives, movements and project level activities.

Outreach the Households/Peoples Under Forest and also Supports for Life Below Under Water:
8,526 Households covered from the Mymensingh, Tangail and Gazipur District’s Forest through providing various awareness session and adaptation with various critical situations they faced. A total 5.4 Kilometers excavated in Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions for making the pond usable through re-excavation; Increase in surface water reserves through increasing capacity; easy availability of water in dry season and facilitate excess water drainage Due to flooding in the monsoon season.

Livelihood Support:
21,364 people directly received IGA supports, 97,429 People directly received livelihood support. Total 2,829,886,000 cash support provided as IGA Support and 5,802,459,000 cash support provided as livelihood support in 17 District of Bangladesh.


Household Graduated from Extreme Poverty:
7,124 Household participant received 29,19,200 taka cash support; 220,259 participants received hygiene materials and awareness on COVDI-19.

Skill Training and Decent Work Intervention:
120 Participants receive cash support and 3,500 youths involved into COVID 19 awareness building activities among the communities.

Rohingya Camp in Cox's Bazar:
As a cash support, a total 3,000 household received estimated 10,500,000 taka and total 57,750,000 taka received by 16,500 Individually.

People in Hard to Reach Area:
9,193 HH received 39,585,000 taka as cash; 83,746 people directly aware on COVID 19 through hand wash demonstration, leaflet distribution, poster, miking, banner installed; 32,817 people covered through supporting wash/sanitizing materials.

People Outreach Under Legal Rights and Legal Aid Supports:
14,206 cases resolved through communication with village court and concern duty bearer.

Health Care Services:
4,500 women received menstrual Hygiene management (MHM) kit.

Urban Based Initiatives/Interventions:
Minimum 400 people daily used the sanitation services under 3 words of 2 municipality’s area under Dhaka City corporation. Every day, about 4,000 people in 200 stores wash their hands when entering and leaving the pharmacy under 1 City Corporation and 10 Municipality areas.

Access to WASH Facilities:
3,377 hand washing demonstration session conducted in community level and 10.5 Million Households visit for hygiene promotion focusing on COVID 19 issue. A total 70,780 hygiene kit and 20,500 portable individual hand washing devices distributed.

Emergency Response in Disaster Prone Areas:
106,315 people directly received emergency supports including food, cash, hygiene kits supports, hand washing point installation, Portable hand washing devices etc. 21,285 households received cash BDT 74,367,200 and 16,707 individual person received cash BDT 58,790,000.

Inclusive Learning Opportunities for Students in Various Groups/Forum/Learning Centers:
7,500 youth have been received the life skill session and 12,550 adolescents both girls and boys received counseling on personal and menstrual health and hygiene as well as Covid-19 safety measures.

Awareness built up on Gender and Violence Against Women and Childs:
2,414 youths focused household received a total BDT 10,863,000 taka within this pandemic situation.

Addressing the Climate Change Adaptation:
17,043 household received cash support BDT 60,120,000 for implementing climate change adaptive basis agricultural activities.

Ethnic Minority and Dalit’s Coverage:
BDT 9,672,000 amounts have been distributed as cash support among the 5,436 household. 151 hand washing point installed at Ethnic minority and Dalit’s community level.

Livelihood Support:
5,272 beneficiaries supported with COVID 19 vaccination registration. 4,226 beneficiaries received awareness materials on COVID 19. 200,000 masks were distributed, 08 Oxygen Concentrator were supplied to the hospitals.

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