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Key Note from the Executive Director

At ESDO, every year is unique. Our organisational processes proved robust to working within the pandemic period and we were able to maintain our operations without any significant hitches. There were even some benefits: the increased use of video conferencing technology meant our staff connected far more with one another, and the quality of our internal communications took a major leap and as a result our staffs much more skills in ICT compared to earlier

The reporting year of 2020-2021, our organization made overall remarkable progress. Remarkable because we became even more commitied and covered 3.9 million under-privilaged people in 2020-21, compared to 2.8 million the previous year. Over the last year, ESDO’s role has been to build the capacity of our target audience and ESDO worked in 2291 Unions, 137 Municipality, 283 Upazilas under 49 districts & 7 City Corporation, 8 Division of Bangladesh through the strong commitied professional team members of ESDO.

ESDO followed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and considering the SDG goal within the reporting year, we addressed SDG -1: Thirteen projects, SDG- 2: Seven projects, SDG- 3: Eight projects, SDG- 4: Nine projects, SDG- 5: One project, SDG-6: Five projects, SDG-7: Two projects, SDG-8: Forteen projects, SDG- 9: Three projects, SDG-10: Three projects, SDG-11: Four projects, SDG-12: Five projects, SDG-13: Twenty One projects, SDG-14 : One Project, SDG-15: Three projects and SDG-16: Six projects. Within this reporting year, ESDO has made some significant innovation for appropriate development initiatives through participatory and grass-roots centered process. We firmly believe that, there is no single formula for development initiatives.

Despite the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESDO atiracted many development partners and new donors - whom we cannot thank enough. In 2020-21, ESDO demonstrated the relevance of its model and the determination of its staff. From our humble beginnings in 1988 in extreme north-western Bangladesh, we have continued to play the role of a catalyst in mobilizing and empowering the marginalized communities through increased range of programmes and activities to addressthe root causes of issues like poverty, deprivation, exploitation and abuse that hamper the realization of their civic and human rights. At the same time, other than ensuring entitlement and dignity of the target audiences, fruitiul result never is achieved. Innovation, Change, and responsibility of all the concern stakeholders are the main instrument and vehicle for appropriate development. Considering these points of views, ESDO tries to promote integrated participatory development initiatives within its working areas

We always are grateful for government & development partners who have unflinchingly supported our work throughout the year, which has brought us closure to achieving our mission. Without their support and guidance, ESDO would not been able to mark positive changes in underprivileged lives.

The General Commitiee and Executive Commitiee of ESDO always provided their valuable advice and guidance for ensuring quality services and promoting innovations. We always recognize their most valuable contributions.

The Team members of ESDO have been contributing their dedicatioon and contribution for ensuring best services for our target audience. Very big thanks for them.

Finally, the Program participants of ESDO-they are continuing their fighting against human and income poverty. Their struggling, success, and tried less effort are really a good example and hope for up-coming poverty- free Bangladesh. I salute them for their great initiatives.


Dr. Md. Shahid Uz Zaman
Member Secretary & Founder Executive Director, ESDO

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